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'We're Raising Her as a Girl': Falwells' Remarks About Granddaughter Spark Liberty LGBT Protest

Some pro-LGBT Liberty University students protested on campus recently after the university's president and his wife said their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender.

The News & Advance reports Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki, were speaking at a satellite CPAC event alongside Donald Trump, Jr. when the couple said they would raise their granddaughter as a female.

"She's our granddaughter, and we're raising her as a girl," Mrs. Falwell said. "We're not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl."

The Falwells went on to explain that their granddaughter always carries a baby doll with her, while their own sons grew up around firearms. 

About 30 Liberty University students responded to the Falwells' remarks by waving gay pride flags and carrying signs supporting transgender rights on the steps of the campus' student union. 

Some of the signs said "LGBTQ Lives Matter" and "Hate is a choice, being transgender is not," according to the Washington Examiner

"We're out here mainly to start conversations, but to also be supportive," said Elizabeth Axley, a sophomore demonstrator who says she's bisexual. "Yes, this is a Christian campus and, yes, Jerry Falwell, Jr. has insinuated that he does not care about you, but that does not mean that every Liberty student does not care about you — we love you."

Scott Lamb, a vice president for Liberty University, told the News & Advance that the school believes in letting its students exercise their constitutional rights. "We have protests quite frequently," Lamb said, adding the university supports free speech and the right to assemble.

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J Bellam5
J Bellam5
24 may 2019

I agree with Pastor Rondy! Liberalism is a mental disorder!!! We as Christians have to wake up and stand up for righteousness! We can no longer keep silent! The LGBT community is not going to stop and we have to be bold and stand up against this wicked agenda! God is on our side so we have to take the authority that God has given us and fight back against this wickedness. People are walking around with a reprobate mind, not knowing up from down! Anytime people are getting offended because someone wants to raise their child as a girl when shes a girl is crazy!!! #wicked

Me gusta

24 may 2019

This article shows that the LGBT community does not want to co-exist. They want their agenda to dominate the entire nation. It isn't about fitting in or being accepted. They have a choice go to go another university. Why go to a Christian university and then accuse them of hating people because they do not agree with your lifestyle? They couldn't protest about being denied enrollment because of their lifestyle, so they used this statement as a platform to push their agenda. It reminds me of the Chick Fil A situation. I also find it intriguing that one of the protesters stated that the university didn't love the LGBT community. But preaching the Gospel is showing love. Loving people enough…

Me gusta
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