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The British Guy

This is voice you hear most often doing our Station Identification.  He is an excellent radio engineer and brings so much "official-ness" to what we are doing.


Worship Wendy

The Soft spoken DJ is the spirit of worship for Kingdom Radio.  We also use her to do voice overs and commercials for our advertisers. 

Morning DJ

DJ Raise Da Praize

DJ Raise Da Praize brings comic relief and so much energy to Kingdom Radio.  He is a Christian and loves Gods people.

Morning DJ

DJ J-Kid

Dj  J-Kid is the voice of Christian Rap and our Youth... He pioneered the TrusiK Show and is helping us reach the younger Generation.

Urban Youth DJ

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8 PM - 9PM

9 PM - 9:15 PM

Unshackled, One Moment In Eternity, Focus on The Family, Marriage Today

9:15 PM - 12 AM

12 AM - 5:30 PM

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