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Stunned Funeral Director Reportedly Discovers Baby He Was Preparing to Bury Actually Still Alive

01-08-2022 Billy Hallowell

A Brazilian funeral director was preparing a baby for burial when he recently discovered the unimaginable: the child was still alive.

The bizarre situation, which was recently documented by the Mirror, unfolded after an 18-year-old woman in Rondonia, Brazil, who was unaware she was pregnant, went to a hospital twice on Dec. 27 after not feeling well.

She was in severe pain but was reportedly sent home both times. After her second return home, the teenager delivered a baby around five months gestation.

According to the Mirror, she had the child without medical assistance, and by the time she reached the hospital with the baby, doctors declared the preemie stillborn.

The hospital reached out to a funeral director, who came to get the baby’s body — but the story didn’t end there.

After a few hours passed, the unnamed funeral officiant went to prepare the child and noticed something incredibly shocking: the baby sighed and appeared to have a heartbeat.

The man rushed the child for medical attention and the baby was admitted to a neonatal unit, according to the Mirror. A police report has reportedly been filed, though it is unclear how the child is faring.

The story might seem shocking, but as Live Action noted in their analysis of the truly strange story, this isn’t the first time doctors and others have mistakenly declared a premature baby dead.

“In October 2020, a premature baby born at 23 weeks in Mexico was declared dead and was taken to the morgue,” the outlet reported. “About six hours later, he was discovered crying and moving in the morgue refrigerator. Sadly, baby Jesús Sebastian died four days later.”

There are other similar stories as well.

It should also be noted that babies as young as 21 weeks and one day have been born and survived. Faithwire recently covered the story of baby Curtis, who had virtually a zero chance of survival. Both just over 21 weeks, he just defied all expectations and is now being recognized by Guinness World Records.

Curtis overcame every obstacle, is now healthy and has been designated by Guinness “the world’s most premature baby to survive.”

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