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Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto to Protect Kids from Irreversible Trans Procedures

Steve Warren, CBN News

A major development unfolded Wednesday in the state-by-state battle to regulate transgender medical treatments for children. The North Carolina state legislature overrode Gov. Roy Cooper's (D) veto, passing a law that prevents minors from undergoing transgender medical procedures. GOP supermajorities in the statehouse approved the law which forbids cross-sex hormones, puberty-blocking drugs, and genital-altering surgeries for those under 18. Two House Democrats joined all present Republicans in supporting the override bid. State Sen. Joyce Krawiec, a Republican and the primary sponsor of the gender confusion bill said the state has a responsibility to protect children from receiving potentially irreversible procedures before they are old enough to make their own informed medical decisions.

Meanwhile, Cooper blasted the votes in the Republican-controlled chambers, calling them "wrong priorities."

"The legislature finally comes back to pass legislation that discriminates," he argued. "Yet they still won't pass a budget when teachers, school bus drivers, and Medicaid Expansion for thousands of working people getting kicked off their health plans every week are desperately needed."″ The law takes effect immediately, but a legal challenge is expected. Minors who had begun gender-altering attempts before Aug. 1 may continue receiving those drugs and procedures if their doctors deem it medically necessary and their parents consent. North Carolina is now the 22nd state to enact legislation restricting or banning gender-altering procedures on minors.

Legislature Also Overrides Cooper's Other Vetoes The North Carolina legislature also voted to override a veto of another bill that will limit LGBTQ teaching in early grades in public schools. The law now requires that public school teachers in most circumstances alert parents before they call a student by a different name or pronoun. It also bans indoctrination about gender identity and sexuality in K-4 classrooms. Both chambers also voted Wednesday to override Cooper's veto of another bill blocking transgender persons with male DNA from playing on girls' sports teams from middle and high school through college. It, too, immediately became law. State Rep. Marcia Morey (D), a former Olympic swimmer, and other critics said limits on transgender participation are discriminatory and will unfairly exclude a small number of students.

But recent high school graduate Payton McNabb, of Murphy, said she's living proof that the law is needed to protect the safety and well-being of female athletes."The veto of this bill was not only a veto on women's rights but a slap in the face to every female in the state," said McNabb, who says she suffered a concussion and neck injury last year after a transgender athlete hit her in the head with a volleyball during a school match.

Now Older, Ex-Trans Patients Taking Physicians to Court Over Procedures As CBN News has reported, what some call "gender-affirming care" is in reality, gender transition mutilation, according to patients who went through the surgical transition procedures and now regret it. As we have reported a number of detransitioners are headed to court over the so-called "care" they received when they were younger. Chloe Cole is suing a California-based healthcare company for gender-transitioning medical efforts she received there as a minor, including a double mastectomy and hormone replacement therapy.

And 18-year-old Layla Jane announced her intent to sue the same organization in June alleging the providers pushed Jane's parents to consent to the use of puberty blockers and testosterone, and eventually a doublemastectomy for their daughter with "fraudulent" information.

Kayla Lovdahl, a California teen, is also pursuing a lawsuit against the group claiming she was coerced into hormonal and surgical transgender procedures including a double mastectomy at the age of 13.

Soren Aldaco is another woman who attempted a gender transition as a teenager. She is now suing the doctors who operated on her claiming they pushed her to "pursue a transgender male identity", take hormone replacement, and have a double mastectomy.

Aldaco filed a lawsuit late last month suing several physicians and medical groups for $1 million alleging they "deliberately and recklessly propelled Soren down a path of permanent physical disfigurement and worsening psychological distress." The lawsuit contends these defendants pushed "experimental," "gender-affirming medical therapies, and administered a series of ruinous procedures and treatments" to Aldaco – a then vulnerable teenager struggling with a slew of mental health issues.

"The repercussions of these interventions have led to Soren's permanent disfigurement and profound psychological scarring," the complaint alleges. "I think that nobody will understand the complications that come with these procedures and treatments until you experience them," Aldaco shared in a recent documentary by Independent Women's Forum.

The testimony from detransitioners to medical doctors before a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing last month was clear – transgender medical procedures on children have a 100% failure rate. During her testimony before the committee, Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, director of the Center for Family Studies at the Family Research Council agreed with Wyoming Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman when she asked if there was a 100% failure rate for sex change operations.

"That's right," Bauwens replied. "That's right. You can't change your sex."

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