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Bizzle's "King" Reaches 1 Million Views

Bizzle is no stranger to put things in order in Hip Hop from calling out Jay-Z to unapologetically letting all listeners know God Over Money. His resent single "King" is no different.

The track  talks about  the ignorance being promoted in Hip-Hop and takes a stand against fake gangsters, wannabe kings, and folks who directly harm the community. And Bizzle shows them all no mercy as he hits ‘em with heavy handed bars like, “Everybody wanna pop rugers/we love to brag about it like it’s not foolish/They hate us cuz we tryna put a stop to it/And we love to glorify murder till a cop do it”. He does it all while letting us know that in his eyes, the only real king is Jesus Christ.

Watch Video Below

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