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How to be a Centenarian (Today)

Ok, let's distinguish the 'Centenarian' from 'Centennial' for starters.

Centenarian is one who has reached age 100 years old. A Centennial, Generation Z or GenZ, was born mid-1990s, is the generation following after Millennials. We're talking about the former ... Good to flow now? Great! So ...

The Bible ties a direct correlation between honoring parents to longevity (Ex. 20:12, Eph. 6:2). In addition, there are some how-to's that can accompany this principle and have helped a group known as Centenarians emerge strong.

Take a look at the video and talk to us below.

If you know any, which of these video keys have they subscribed to for longevity?

How many Centenarians have lived in your family, or are well on their way, or will it be you?

Bless you, today.

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